Boys Do Cute Things

Girl. 17. Obsessed with cute boys and the things they do. Here are a few.

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#34. When he says his shirt looks better on you.  

Nov 14th at 8PM / 7 notes

#33. When you are about to get separated and he grabs your hand and leads the way 

Nov 14th at 8PM / 13 notes

#32. When he just wants to hear about your day, no matter how boring it was.  

Nov 14th at 8PM / tagged: cute things. boys. girl. / 4 notes

#31. When he remembers what you wore on the first day you two met 

Nov 14th at 8PM / tagged: cute things. boy. girl. love. cute. sweet. / 7 notes

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#30. When he’s adorably self-conscious around you.  

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#29. When he kisses you on the forehead. 

Oct 3rd at 9PM / tagged: forehead kiss. kiss. boys. cute. / 21 notes

#28. When he calls you “my girl.”  

Sep 24th at 3PM / tagged: boys. cute things. girl. / 14 notes

#27. When he casually puts his arm around you. 

Sep 11th at 9PM / tagged: cute. boys. things. cute boy. flirting. / 8 notes

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